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Distribution and How to Make Your Film Travel

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A movie only exists if it is seen by an audience. How do you get your film to travel, cross borders and be seen outside your home country – if in fact it is even seen in your home country or local festival at all. What are the various forms of distribution? How do they work? What does a sales agent really do? How do you attract one? These questions will be addressed by leading industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience, helping you understand how different territories, market trends and distribution platforms affect how and by whom your film will be seen, and where the audience you want for your film can be found.

  • Gianluca Chakra


    Managing Partner, Front Row Entertainment

  • Carine Chaiban

    Director of Acquisitions/Prog, Intigral

  • Toni El Massih

    Regional Cinema Manager, VOX Cinemas

  • Geoffrey Gilmore

    Chief Creative Officer, Tribeca Enterprises

  • Sebastien Olivier Tobelem

    MBC2/MAX Channels Manager, MBC Group

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