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Qumra begins 3 March and continues through 8 March, with additional public screenings taking place 1 and 2 March.

Click here to download Qumra 2017 Film Guide.

2017 Qumra Accredited Delegates Programme

A programme developed for professionals from diverse backgrounds who are mainly based in Qatar, aimed at advancing knowledge about, and promoting discussion around media and filmmaking. Participants in the Accredited Delegates programme have access to several key aspects of what Qumra has to offer. The programme also allows participants to engage with each other via networking receptions.

What does it mean to be an Accredited Delegate at Qumra?

Since its inception, the Accredited Delegates programme has been a crucial part of the Qumra experience and has contributed to the diverse careers of its participants. Added benefits in 2017 aim to enhance the Accredited Delegate experience. An Accredited Delegate badge allows filmmakers, students, film enthusiasts and professionals from other culture industries to access key aspects of what Qumra offers. The programme also allows participants to engage with one another via networking receptions. The new and improved Accredited Delegate experience remains a platform for discovery, networking and inspiration.

Accredited Delegate Benefits Include Access to:

1. Qumra Master Classes.

2. Daily film screenings: Modern Masters and New Voices in Cinema

3. Qumra Talks in Partnership with Northwestern University in Qatar

4. Networking Opportunities: Post Qumra Talks receptions and Qumra Dinner Vouchers

5. Invitation to Pre-Qumra reception – 27 February, 2017

6. Inclusion in the Accredited Delegates Guide, which is distributed to all Qumra participants

Accredited Delegate – Selection Criteria

● Open to citizens and residents of Qatar and the Gulf

● The Doha Film Institute will not be responsible for the visa and residence procedures

● Accredited Delegate application is open to interested participants who are based in Qatar and the Gulf region. Each application is reviewed and evaluated by an internal committee.

About the Programme

Qumra Master Classes

Sessions led by award-winning and iconic filmmakers. A total of five master classes take place in the Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium.

Qumra Screenings

Screenings of feature films funded by the Institute through its grants and co-financing initiatives, as well as a series of films chosen by the Qumra Masters, accompanied by question-and-answer sessions. Qumra screenings are accessible to the public.

Qumra Talks in Partnership with Northwestern University in Qatar

Qumra Talks gathers leaders from the technology, film, television and online worlds to weigh in on diverse topics. The panel-style talks are geared toward the evolution of technology in digital storytelling and distribution. Accredited Delegates will have the opportunity to attend three talks, taking place 5 to 7 March.

Participation Cost:

Standard Price 500 QAR
Student Discount 350 QAR
Culture Pass by Qatar Museums discount: QAR 350

Registration is closed.