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QFF Spring 2017 - Production Stage
Current project status: PRODUCTION

Mahdi Ali Ali / Short Narrative / Qatar / 15 min / Original Language: Silent / Interests: Drama


Sarah is a professional Qatari photographer, and she get surprise by the rebellion of a young girl from a conservative family. Sarah follows the family who takes selfi-photos with the painting murals in the cultural village, Katara. She seeks to document the rebellion until the family attacks the girl on her rebellion. The girl escapes and hides in the corridors of the cultural village. As a result, Sarah finds the girl and she follows her in the corridors and buildings of the cultural village until the girl screams in the amphitheater.

About the Director

Mahdi Ali Ali is a Qatari filmmaker who is charged with the training and education of filmmakers. Since joining the Doha Film Institute, he has successfully worked to provide filmmakers in Qatar with comprehensive learning initiatives led by the industry’s major players. He is the executive producer and supervisor for more than 30 short films that have been produced by the institute. Mahdi holds an MFA from EICAR, the International Film School of Paris, and has made short films including ‘Champs Elysées, I Love You’ (2009) and ‘The Gulf Habibi’ (2011), as well as others for Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel.


  • Director

    Mahdi Ali Ali

    Independent Filmmaker

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