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QFF Spring 2017 - Development Stage
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

A.J. Al Thani / Feature Narrative / Qatar / 120 min / Original Language: Arabic


Khuzama is a Bedouin girl living with her poet father in the desert and in complete isolation from any other civilized existence. She takes care of her father as he is old and sick and one night they run out of water. Khuzama sets on a journey towards another well where she gets into trouble with bandits. This is the first time Khuzama will have strayed so far from home, and a new adventure awaits her beyond the well.

About the Director

A.J. Al-Thani is a Qatar-born filmmaker. Her love for movies and moviemaking began at the age of six when she saw ‘Star Wars’ (1977) in the cinema in 1999. She began to pursue her dream of being a filmmaker with the launch of the Doha Film Institute. Her relationship with the Institute began in 2010 when she participated in one of its first film workshops, which opened the door for many local filmmakers to pursue their passion.


  • Director

    A.J. Al Thani

    The Film House

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