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Ghost Hunting

Spring Grant 2015 - Production Stage
Current project status: COMPLETED

Raed Andoni / Feature Documentary / Palestine, France, Switzerland, Qatar / 2017 / 90 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Social Issues, Psychological, Creative Documentary


As a result of being jailed in the Shin Bet’s Al-Moskobiya investigation centre at the age of 18, director Raed Andoni has fragments of memories he cannot determine as real or imagined. In order to confront the ghosts that haunt him, Andoni decides to try to rebuild that mysterious place. Responding to a job announcement seeking ex-inmates of Al-Moskobiya who have experience in construction, architecture, painting, carpentry and acting, a large group gathers in an empty yard near Ramallah. Together, they start a journey in which they rediscover the shape of their old prison, try to face the consequences of being under absolute control, and attempt to re-enact a story that took place inside the centre’s walls.


Raed Andoni
Raed Andoni, Saed Andoni, Palmyr Badinier

About the Director

Born in Palestine in 1967, Raed Andoni started his career in cinema as an independent producer in 1998. He cofounded Dar Films, a leading production company, and produced and secured international distribution for a number of Palestinian films. ‘Improvisation’ (2005), Andoni’s first medium-length documentary as a director, was produced in association with ARTE and saw great success at festivals. His first feature-length film, ‘Fix Me’ (2009), was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and the Festival de Cannes, released in European cinemas, and won several prizes, including the SCAM award for Best Documentary of the Year and the Tanit d’Or for Best Documentary at Carthage Film Festival in 2010.

Production Company Profile

Based on their 10 years of production experience in the Middle East through the Ramallah-based production company Dar Films, Raed Andoni and Palmyre Badinier established Les Films de Zayna in Paris in 2008. Zayna develops dramatic and documentary projects for cinema, television and new media based on close collaboration among writers, technicians and other talents, mainly from the Arab world and Europe. The company’s films have been broadcast, released theatrically and selected for major international film festivals including Sundance and the Festival de Cannes. Zayna’s documentary filmography includes Nassim Amaouche’s ‘En terrain connu’ (2013), which premiered at the Clermont-Ferrrand International Short Film Festival; the omnibus film ‘Family Albums’ (2012), which had its premiere at Cinemed, where it won a special mention; and Raed Andoni’s ‘Fix Me’ (2009), which won several awards, including a Golden Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival and the Human Rights Award at BAFICI, and was named Best Documentary of the Year by SCAM in 2011. Zayna is currently producing Erige Sehiri’s Tunisian documentary ‘The Normal Way’, and is developing Andoni’s upcoming ‘Ghosts Hunting’.


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    Dar Films Productions

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