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Beit Byoot

Fall Grants 2017 - Production Stage
Current project status: PRODUCTION

/ Short Narrative / Jordan, Qatar / 2018 / 10 min / Original Language: Arabic


Jameela is an adorable eight-year-old girl who arrives at the perfect pastel playground with her half-scrap, half-plastic doll. She sees Yasmine, an odd-looking girl rummaging through the trash. Jameela looks for other girls to play with. She finds Sahar and Souad, but Jameela is brutally rejected when they see her doll. They call her names and throw away her doll. Jameela finds her doll in the hands of Yasmine. They argue, buy when Yasmine reveals her perfectly made trash doll, Jameela is intrigued. She allows Yasmine to fix her ugly doll. Jameela grabs the doll and runs back to the girls. Yasmine follows. Souad is intrigued, but Sahar grabs the doll and smashes it, demanding Jameela to pledge her loyalty. Angry, Jameela grabs Yasmine’s doll and smashes it. Sahar and Souad motion to Jameela to play with them. She’s finally in.

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  • Main Contact

    Mayar Hamdan

    Global Academy International

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