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1001 Days

QFF 2015 - Production/Post-Production Stage
Current project status: PRODUCTION

Aisha Al-Jaidah / Short Animation / Qatar / 10 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Animation, Drama, Fantasy


‘1001 Days’ focuses on the life of the creative and heroic storyteller Scheherazade. The short animated feature addresses feminist rights and equal privileges, as well as core issues like sacrifice, gender equality and bravery in the form of an enchanted fairy tale. In order to remain alive, Scheherazade must create an engaging story every night in order that the King will spare her life. We ask ourselves, how and when does she come up with all these stories? ‘1001 Days’ will reveal the true story of Scheherazade and the roots of how the stories of the ‘1001 Nights’ were created by this strong woman who fought for her independence, dignity and freedom, using only her wit and limitless imagination. This is the story behind the story.

About the Director

An illustrator and animator, Aisha Ibrahim Al-Jaidah began her professional career in 2010. As a senior animation producer for one of Qatar’s well-known media organizations, she created the first locally animated children’s series, which aired in 2014 and 2015. Al-Jaidah pursued her dream to study animation and graduated from Kingston University London, an achievement that motivated her to launch her own animation production company. She hopes Blue Penguin Animation will be the first company to fully produce animation in Qatar.


  • Director

    Aisha Al Jaida


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