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Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2017

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Bariq Short Film Programme

Runtime: 46 min


  • In a Cage

    Ajyal Competition

    At the zoo, a big bear and a little red bird spend their days trying to make music together, but their songs d…

    Loïc Bruyère / France / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Casse-croûte

    Ajyal Competition

    All the animals in the jungle are hungry for a snack – but anyone can become a meal for anyone else… The food…

    Burcu Sankur, Geoffrey Godet / France / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • The Gift

    Ajyal Competition

    Determined to cheer up her parents, a little girl crafts a lovely gift – but she has to make her way through t…

    Kohei Kajisa / Japan / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Goats

    Ajyal Competition

    Three goats on a train hang out the window, trying to get a taste of the delicious green trees as they pass by…

    Ekaterina Filippova / Russian Federation / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Once in a While

    Ajyal Competition

    When a friendly cloud travels around the globe, all it seems to do is ruin things with wet weather. But everyo…

    Gosha Loshadkin / Russian Federation / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Dragon Sledge

    Ajyal Competition

    One snowy day, a little girl finds her sledge transformed into a friendly dragon, who takes her on an adventur…

    Evgenia Zhirkova / Russian Federation / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

    Ajyal Competition

    A little bird tends to the leaves growing on a nearby branch, but one day a pesky caterpillar comes along and…

    Lena von Döhren / Switzerland / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • ‘My Little Beasts’ Cine-Concert

    Ajyal Competition

    Ajyal is delighted to work once again with the Forum des Images to present ‘My Little Beasts’, a world-premier…

    / / / Musical Performance

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