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Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2017

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Another Reality

Runtime: 84 min

Join us on the other side(s) of storytelling as we present a programme of international short films that question our ‘realities’.


  • Chaos Antidote

    Ajyal Competition

    The ever-changing urban landscape of Doha is dreamily contemplated in this wordless, documentary essay, in whi…

    Hadeer Omar, Idris Elhassan / Qatar / 2017 / Short Documentary

  • Adele

    Ajyal Competition

    Faced with a serious legal problem, a child bride’s family decides on a terrible solution. ‘Adele’ is a soberi…

    Mirene Igwabi / Australia / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Silence

    Ajyal Competition

    In a fanatical dictatorship, perpetual silence is mandatory – even the jangle of a bracelet can bring about ha…

    Chadi Aoun / Lebanon / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • All of Us

    Ajyal Competition

    Attacks by Al-Shabaab in Kenya have led to an increase of mistrust between the nation’s Christian and Muslim p…

    Katja Benrath / Kenya, Germany / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Tough

    Ajyal Competition

    In ‘Tough’, a daughter examines the fallout of her mother’s youth, when she experienced the massive social cha…

    Jennifer Zheng / United Kingdom / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Tracks

    Ajyal Competition

    A mother sobs in a taxi, holding her young son in her arms. Something terrible has happened – but what? Carefu…

    Elina Fessa / Greece / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Train to Peace

    Ajyal Competition

    An Iraqi man considers his nation’s recent past, when its people have been stripped of their affluence, hope a…

    Jakob Weyde, Jost Althoff / Germany / 2016 / Short Narrative

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