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DFI Cinema


  • Thu Apr 26, 06:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

DFI Cinema is presented in partnership with several organisations, including Katara, the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar Museums and Aspire Park. Programming includes contemporary independent cinema, filmmaker retrospectives, classic films and a regular presentation of works by Qatari and Gulf filmmakers.

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Upcoming Screenings:

Fathers Through the Lens

The Doha Film Institute is delighted to present ‘Fathers Through the Lens’, a selection of acclaimed films from around the world that celebrate paternal relationships through cinema.

Ticket Package
Fathers Through the Lens Ticket Package: 75 QR

Ticket Package grants buyer one ticket to each screening in the ‘Fathers Through the Lens’ film series (26-29 April). Offer available online and in person while supplies last.

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  • 26 April 2018 at 7 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium


Directed by: Annemarie Jacir

Film screening followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers:
Annemarie Jacir – Director
Ossama Bawardi – Producer
Mohammad Bakri – Actor

Shadi returns to his hometown to help his father hand-deliver his sister’s wedding invitations. He has spent the last several years abroad and there is little he misses about this place he left a long time ago…Read More

  • 27 April 2018 at 7 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Le Grand Voyage

Directed by: Ismaël Ferroukhi

Out of filial duty and a sense of adventure, Reda, a young French man, agrees to accompany his elderly Moroccan father on the hajj. The only catch: the journey from France to Saudi Arabia will be by car…Read More

  • 28 April 2018 at 4 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Directed by: Wes Anderson

Based on the beloved book by Roald Dahl, this is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Fox who live an idyllic home life with their son Ash and visiting young nephew Kristopherson. But after 12 years, the bucolic existence proves too much for Mr Fox’s wild animal instincts…Read More

  • 28 April 2018 at 7 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Like Father, Like Son (Soshite Chichi Ni Naru)

Directed by: Hirokazu Kore-Eda

Ryota is a successful Tokyo architect who works long hours to provide for his wife, Midori and six-year-old son, Keita. But when a blood test reveals Keita and another baby were switched at birth…Read More

  • 29 April 2018 at 7 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

The Return (Vozvrashchenie)

Directed by: Andrey Zvyagintsev

Inseparable, if occasionally quarrelsome, young Ivan and his elder brother Andrei are shocked and excited when their father, who has not been home for 12 years and whom the boys only know from a faded photograph…Read More

Past Screenings:

Ajyal Film Series

Our new Ajyal Film Series aims to keep the spirit of our annual Ajyal Youth Film Festival alive throughout the year. ‘Ajyal’ means ‘generations’ in Arabic and we invite audiences of all ages and backgrounds to come and celebrate the power of cinema with us. As always, our family-friendly films will seek to spark curiosity, bring joy, create friendships, and empower the next generation.

  • 12 April 2018 at 6 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Paper Planes

Preceded by the Made in Qatar short ‘Dana’s Kite’ and a Q&A session with the director Noor Al Nasr.

Directed by: Robert Connolly

When 11-year-old Dylan discovers his exceptional talent for creating paper planes, he becomes obsessed with his new hobby and eventually competes at the national level in Sydney…Read More

Dana’s Kite

Directed by: Noor Al-Nasr

Dana is playing with her kite on the beach at the water’s edge while her brother Ahmed sits on the sand messaging his friends on his mobile phone. She tries to get his attention but he’s too busy to see the amazing shell she has found…Read More

Special Screening

The Doha Film Institute, in partnership with the Embassy of Canada to Qatar and the Qatari Businesswomen’s Association, is delighted to present ‘Dream, Girl’, a documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs.

  • 26 March at 7:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Dream, Girl


The screening is followed by a panel discussion session.
Free – first come, first served

Directed by: Erin Bagwell

Through in-depth interviews and access to the daily lives of five incredible entrepreneurs, ‘Dream, Girl’ paints a complex picture of what it means to be a leader…Read More

Contemporary Releases

The Doha Film Institute is delighted to present ‘Contemporary Releases’, a selection of the latest internationally and regionally acclaimed films. The series will include recent festival favourites, as well as the emerging new voices of DFI granted filmmakers.

  • 22 March at 7:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium
  • 23 March at 4:30 PM and 7:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Faces Places

Directed by: JR, Agnès Varda

‘Faces Places’ is a lively, fun, stirring tribute to art and its ability to touch people and bring souls together… Read More

  • 15 February at 7:00 PM
  • 16 February at 4:30 PM and 7:00 PM


Directed by: Naomi Kawase

Misako is a struggling writer hired to create film audio descriptions for the visually impaired. At a screening, she meets Nakamori, an older photographer who is slowly losing his eyesight. He offers to help Misako with her scripts, and together they learn to see the subtly radiant world that is invisible to most eyes… Read More

  • Thursday, 25 January, 7:00 PM
  • Friday, 26 January, 4:30 PM
  • Friday, 26 January, 7:00 PM

The Other Side of Hope

Directed by: Aki Kaurismäki

‘The Other Side of Hope’ follows two people searching for a place to call home. Displaced Syrian Khaled (Sherwan Haji) lands in Helsinki as a stowaway; meanwhile, middle-aged salesman Wikström (Sakari Kuosmanen) leaves behind his wife and job and buys a conspicuously unprofitable seafood restaurant. After Khaled is denied asylum, he decides not to return to Aleppo, and the paths of the two men cross fortuitously… Read More

In association with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Qatar, the Doha Film Institute proudly presents ‘What Tomorrow Brings’ in honour of International Human Rights Day.

  • Saturday, 9 December, 7:00 PM

What Tomorrow Brings

Directed by: Beth Murphy

‘What Tomorrow Brings’ is a feature documentary that tells the story of the first all-girls’ school in a small Afghan village. It traces the interconnected stories of students, teachers, village elders, parents, and school founder Razia Jan… Read More

A Symphony of Films

Cinema is primarily considered to be a visual experience, but while of course we see film with our eyes, we experience it just as much with our ears. Music can serve cinema in a myriad of ways, enhancing a film’s emotional impact and storytelling process. This is why many great filmmakers rely on composers to create scores to complement their films.

DFI Cinema is proud to once again invite you to celebrate some of the works of great film composers who have collaborated with remarkable filmmakers from all over the world for a 2nd edition of “A Symphony of Films”.

  • Thursday, 21 September, 7:30 PM

Score: A Film Music Documentary

Directed by: Matt Schrader

The dramatic moments of a film’s emotional climax are often driven by its score. This documentary gives a look into how composers develop some of the most iconic scores in history, chronically the creative challenges from the first few notes on a piano keyboard… Read More

  • Thursday, 21 September, 10:00 PM


Directed by: Tim Burton

Crime rates in Gotham City continue to grow as it approaches its bicentennial, driving the Mayor to order police commissioner James Gordon to take new measures in making the city safer. Their main concern is mob boss Carl Girssom, just as he ends up having a falling out with his right-hand man Jack Napier… Read More

  • Friday, 22 September, 7:30 PM

A Symphony of Films: Music from Britain and Qatar

Celebrated film composer Deborah Mollison sees the role of a composer as a commentator in society. In this concert, she’ll introduce her music including acclaimed title East is East with her personal comments.

The following selection of scores by Deborah Mollison span her career over twenty years of work in film and television. Each piece embodies the heart of the musical style that evolved for each project and as such illustrates a diversity of genre that has become well known in the work of Deborah Mollison.

As an orchestral composer from an early age, Mollison does not shy away from large instrumental forces and in this array of film cues we hear both epic and microscopic forms of composition, an emotional journey that we hope will capture your senses.

  • Opening Titles from ‘The Boys of Sunset Ridge’
  • ‘The Irish Empire’
  • ‘East is East’
  • ‘Infinite Justice’
  • ‘Tied to a Chair’
  • End Theme from ‘Heather‘s Painting’
  • ‘Wild Weather’

The Qatari half of the program includes no fewer than three world premieres from Dana Al-Fardan, Nasser Nasseb and Wael Binali.

  • Dana Alfardan: Necromancer
  • Dana Alfardan: Intertwined
  • Nasser Nasseb: Four Seasons
  • Wael Binali: Earth
  • Wael Binali: Niramaya

To purchase tickets please visit the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra website.

  • Saturday, 23 September, 3:00 PM

Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest

Directed by: Michel Ocelot

Once upon a time there were two children nursed by the same woman, Jenane. Jenane’s son, dark-haired, dark-eyed Asmar, and Azur, the blonde, blue-eyed son of a nobleman, were as close as brothers. They grew up with Jenane’s tales of the Djinn-fairy awaiting release by a heroic prince, before Azur’s father brutally separated the boys… Read More

  • Saturday, 23 September, 5:30 PM
Masterclass with Dr. Deborah Mollison: Becoming a Film Composer

Dr. Deborah Mollison will investigate the journey needed to become a film composer and events on the way. Where does inspiration come from? How is it manifest?…Read More

  • Saturday, 23 September, 8:30 PM

Bicycle Thieves

Directed by: Vittorio De Sica

Ricci, an unemployed family man in post-WWII Italy, is desperate for a good job. He gets one hanging up posters across Rome, which he needs a bicycle for. Soon after, his bike is stolen and he and his son venture the streets of the capital in search of it. When the bike is finally located and the thief caught, Ricci, having no proof, is forced to let it and the thief go. Both Ricci and his family know that without a bike, he cannot keep his job… Read More

  • Sunday, 24 September, 7:30 PM


Directed by: Andrei Tarkovsky

The film follows a mission led by a Stalker, a professional guide to a mysterious restricted site known as the Zone, along with his two clients, a gloomy writer seeking inspiration and a professor searching for scientific discovery. A seemingly normal journey into the Room, a place where a person’s deepest desires are fulfilled, turns into a crisis for the Stalker… Read More

  • Monday, 25 September, 7:30 PM

Pather Panchali

Directed by: Satyajit Ray

In a quiet, rural Indian village, Sarbojaya looks after her daughter, Durga, and son, Apu, as well as her husband Harihar’s elderly aunt. While Harihar, a writer and a poet, dreams of a better life for his family, the daily hardships of their impoverished circumstances stack up against the family… Read More

As part of Qatar Germany 2017 Year of Culture

  • Tuesday, 26 September, 7:30 PM


Directed by: Fritz Lang

The Complete Metropolis (2010 release) silent film by director Fritz Lang is presented with live accompaniment by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra who will be playing the original film score by Gottfried Huppertz which was reconstructed and adapted for performance use by Frank Strobel in 2010 and which includes the missing instrumentation parts by Marco Jovic.

The story takes place in the future in the city of Metropolis. The city is divided into two parts, the rich and powerful in the Upper Town and the slave-like workers who run their machinery in the Lower Town. Johann Fredersen rules over the city, claiming himself as its brain and those in the Lower Town as nothing more than mere ‘hands’ of the machinery. When Johann’s son, Freder, follows Maria, a young woman from Lower Town preaching the values of love and reconciliation, he unsuccessfully pleads his father to improve the inhumane conditions he came to witness.
Johann, fearing a revolt, commissions the scientist Rotwang to create a robot version of Maria, which would enable him to influence the workers as he pleased. Rotwang, a long-time rival of Johann’s, develops his own plan to use robot Maria to destroy the city

To purchase tickets please visit the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra website.

Film by courtesy of Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung,

A Window on Contemporary Arab Cinema

DFI Cinema presents A Window on Contemporary Arab Cinema, featuring films that have been recipients of DFI Grants. The series focuses on emerging talent from the Middle East and features the Qatar premieres of four ground-breaking works by young artists, alongside a compilation of short films from across the region.

Ticket Package
A Window on Contemporary Arab Cinema Ticket Package: 75 QR

Ticket Package grants buyer one ticket to each screening in the ‘A Window on Contemporary Arab Cinema’ film series (10 – 12 May, 5 screenings). Offer available online and in person while supplies last.

Buy Ticket Package

Short Film Programme

  • Wednesday, 10 May, 5:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre


Directed by: Nicolas Damuni

Five young art students awake to the sound of gunfire and bombardment. As the electricity has been cut and a curfew imposed, they do not know what is happening outside… Read More


Directed by: Mohamed Ben Attia

After the accidental death of her taxi-driver husband, Selma decides to become master of her own life by taking over his taxi… Read More

Waves ’98

Directed by: Ely Dagher

The complex relationship of contemporary Beirutis to their troubled home city is beautifully imagined in Ely Dagher’s Palme d’Or-winning ‘Waves ‘98’… Read More

The Desert Fish

Directed by: Alaa Eddine Aljem

The southern desert of Morocco. The son wants to become a fisherman and is always dreaming of the sea. His father, a gravedigger, cannot understand his son’s desire to leave their land… Read More

The Wall

Directed by: Odette Makhlouf Mouarkech

In this engaging and endearing short, director Odette Makhlouf Mouarkech locates a seemingly impersonal structure that became the anchor of a community… Read More

  • Wednesday, 10 May, 8:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Eyes of a Thief

Directed by: Najwa Najjar

Inspired by real events, ‘Eyes of a Thief’ is a rare glimpse into Palestinian society from the inside. At the height of the 2002 Palestinian Uprising, Tareq,… Read More

  • Thursday, 11 May, 8:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre


Directed by: Arab Abunasser, Tarzan Abunasser

A hot summer’s day in the Gaza Strip. Today the electricity is on. Christine’s beauty salon is heaving with female clients: a bitter divorcée, a religious woman, a lunatic addicted to prescription drugs,… Read More

  • Friday, 12 May, 5:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

The Dark Wind (Reseba)

Directed by: Hussein Hassan

Reko and Pero, a young Yazidi couple, prepare for family life in their village Boza. Suddenly, Islamic State fighters attack the Shingal region of Kurdistan. At this moment, Reko is absent… Read More

  • Friday, 12 May, 8:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim

Directed by: Sherif El Bendary

Ali loves a goat called Nada. Ibrahim is a depressed sound engineer who hears voices he cannot decipher. Ali’s mother drags him to a healer, who gives Ali stones to throw into the water so that he will be healed… Read More

Creators of Horror

DFI Cinema invites you to a thrilling series of films that will put you on the edge of your seat. Our Creators of Horror series celebrates the craft of eclectic filmmakers who have redefined the genre.

  • Thursday, 20 April, 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium


Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

Marion Crane makes a terrible mistake: she steals a large sum of money from her employer’s safe. With that, she is on the lam. Eventually, of course,… Read More

  • Friday, 21 April, 3:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium


Directed by: Joe Johnston

In 1969, young Alan Parrish is a rich kid having a tough time. He’s a great target for the town bully, who warns him to keep away from his girlfriend Sarah after he steals Alan’s… Read More

Made In Qatar Thriller Programme

  • Friday, 21 April, 5:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium


Directed by: Ali Al Anssari

Like a George Romero movie, or an installment of ‘The Walking Dead’ set in post-apocalyptic Qatar, ‘Qarar’ tells the suspenseful tale of a young married couple… Read More


Directed by: Mayar Hamdan

When she is caught cheating on an exam, Jana is sent to detention, where she encounters a cruel bird that taunts her mercilessly. The school girl goes to extreme… Read More


Directed by: Ali Al Anssari

A psycho demands perfection in every aspect of his life. When he notices that his friend has an asymmetrical face, he decides to take… Read More

Man of the House

Directed by: Khalifa AlMarri

A teenager lovingly cares for his baby brother. His parents, he explains in voiceover, have left the family, so he is now the man of the house. But something doesn’t… Read More

  • Friday, 21 April, 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

The Orphanage

Directed by: J.A. Bayona

From ghost stories around the campfire to classics of literature, from urban myths to legends of cinema – the haunted house and its various threatening extensions are a classic horror trope… Read More

  • Saturday, 22 April, 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium


Directed by: Carl Theodor Dreyer

First made famous on the big screen in F.W. Murnau’s ‘Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror’ – which was presented by the Institute with live accompaniment by the Qatar… Read More

  • Sunday, 23 April, 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

The Host (Gwoemul)

Directed by: Bong Joon-ho

Few things say ‘horror film’ quite like a really good monster – and monsters tend to arise from some of our most basic fears… Read More

  • Monday, 24 April, 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Night of the Living Dead

Directed by: George Romero

The contemporary craze for zombie stories – from cinema’s ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’, ‘World War Z’ and ‘28 Weeks Later’ to television’s ‘Walking Dead’, ‘The Return’ and… Read More

  • Wednesday, 3 May, 7:30 PM, Opera House, Katara

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

We are thrilled to present this wonderful film with live accompaniment by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. Audiences who were witness to last year’s screening of ‘Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror’ will confirm that the presentation is sure to be a rare treat.

Directed by: Robert Wiene

In some ways, the deranged mind is a fear shared by all of us – and not only because we fear being murdered in our beds for no reason, since each of us has a mind whose wires could conceivably get mixed up at any moment. Psychosis, with its paranoid delusions, its mental violence and its tangled version of reality, inspires a very particular mode of terror. It is no surprise, then, that unhinged characters – from Jason to Freddie Krueger, Hannibal Lecter to Norman Bates – are strewn throughout the horror film canon.

Films that take place inside an addled mind, however, are less common – Adam Simon’s mind-bending ‘Brain Dead’ and Martin Scorsese’s ‘Shutter Island’ are two great examples – and rarer still is a film like ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’, whose entire mise-en-scène seems a twisted version of reality. The most prominent example of German Expressionist filmmaking, ‘Cabinet’ is a gem of the silent era whose impact on the history of cinema – from its imaginative use of lighting to its off-kilter sets and camera angles – cannot be underestimated.

To purchase tickets please visit the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra website.

This event is part of the Qatar-Germany Year of Culture 2017. It is organized by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and the Doha Film Institute in partnership with Qatar Museums, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region.

Francophonie Spotlight

In association with the Embassy of Belgium in Qatar, the Doha Film Institute proudly presents contemporary cinema from the French-speaking world.

  • Sat, Mar 18, 8:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre (Building 16)

L‘économie du couple (After Love)

Directed by: Joachim Lafosse

After 15 years of living together, Marie and Boris decide to divorce. Marie bought the house in which the couple live with their two daughters, but… Read More

Sports Day Feature

In partnership with the Embassy of Sweden in Qatar.

  • Tuesday, 14 February, 7:30 PM, Drama Theatre in Katara (Building 16)

Nice People

Directed by: Anders Helgeson, Karin af Klintberg

‘Nice People’ follows the first-ever Somali bandy team in their struggle to reach the World Championship in Siberia in 2014. The team lives and trains in Borlänge, Sweden, and is coached… Read More

German Film Week

In celebration of the Qatar Germany Year of Culture 2017, the Doha Film Institute, the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region, and Qatar Museums are proud to present German Film Week, a curated series of eight Classic and Contemporary German Films Film critic Claus Löser will be on hand to present the films in the programme. An addition, Mr. Loser will lead a free masterclass on “German Film History”.

  • Thursday, 2 February, 8:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Run Lola Run

Lola Rennt

Directed by: Tom Tykwer

Lola has 20 minutes to come up with a huge sum of money that her boyfriend Manni owes to a local hood. A snap decision is required – but which option might lead to the desired outcome? Time is a series of choices, each… Read More

  • Friday, 3 February, 3:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

My Friend Raffi

Rettet Raffi!

Directed by: Arend Agthe

Eight-year-old Sammy lives with his frazzled but well-meaning mother and his mean girl wannabe elder sister. He misses his father, who is away in… Read More

  • Friday, 3 February, 5:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium
Master Class: A Brief History of German Cinema

Dr. Claus Löser

Eight films will be shown during this German Film Week. They were made between 1926 and 2015 – a period of nearly nine decades. During that time, three political systems rose and fell, the globe saw its Second World War and the Cold War took place between East and West. Cinema is always a testimony of its time; it mixes up social and individual events, and is a symbiosis of technology, philosophy and aesthetics… Read More

  • Friday, 3 February, 8:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Wings of Desire

Der Himmel Über Berlin

Directed by: Wim Wenders

‘Wings of Desire’ opens with a montage of Berliners as they go about their city, their jumbled, random and rambling thoughts filling the soundtrack with the trivial, and yet weighty… Read More

  • Sunday, 5 February, 8:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Sophie Scholl – Die Letzten Tage

Directed by: Marc Rothemund

In 1943, in a spectacular act of peaceful resistance, several university students in Munich known as the White Rose group wrote and distributed leaflets describing Nazi atrocities… Read More

  • Monday, 6 February, 8:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

The Murderers Are Among Us

Die Mörder Sind Unter Uns

Directed by: Wolfgang Staudte

When Susanne returns to Berlin after her release from a concentration camp, she discovers the ex-army doctor Hans squatting in her war-ravaged apartment. The pair become roommates, then… Read More

  • Wednesday, 8 February, 8:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium


Directed by: Werner Herzog

In early 20th-century Peru, the rubber trade has taken off, and Irish businessman Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald (the locals have trouble with his name so he has come to be known as Fitzcarraldo)… Read More

  • Thursday, 9 February, 8:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed

Directed by: Lotte Reiniger

Drawn from elements of the perennial classis ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, ‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed’ – the earliest surviving animated feature-length film in existence – is… Read More

  • Friday, 10 February, 5:00 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium


Hördur – Zwischen den Welten

Directed by: Ekrem Ergün

A Turk in a Germany that often tolerates immigrants less than kindly and a misfit in high school, where the mockery of one’s peers is always a weighty burden, at 17 Aylin is having it… Read More

Chinese Film Week

In celebration of Qatar’s longstanding friendship with China, Doha Film Institute presents a showcase of important and groundbreaking cinema that has emerged from China and Hong Kong. The series features major box-office stars like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee alongside the work of several acclaimed filmmakers, among them Chen Kaige, John Woo, Xiaogang Feng and Jia Zhang-ke.

All screenings will be followed by a question-and-answer period with Asian film expert Paolo Bertolin.

* All Chinese Film Week screenings are presented at the Museum of Islamic Art. Please mind that parking at the Museum is not available during the weekend of the Chinese Festival. Parking is available across the Corniche in the underground car park near Souq Waqif. There is an underground walkway between the car park and the Museum side of the Corniche. Please also refer to the Free Park & Ride Service scheduled from Old Doha Airport Parking to MIA Park.

Park & Ride Shuttle timings:
3 & 4 November 1:00 PM – 11:00 PM
5 November 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

  • 3 November 2016 – 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

A Better Tomorrow

Ying hung boon sik

Directed by: John Woo

An ex-gangster tries to reform and reconcile with his estranged policeman brother, but the ties to his former gang prove difficult to break…Read More

  • 4 November 2016 – 4:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

The Way of the Dragon

Meng long guo jiang

Directed by: Bruce Lee

A man visits his relatives at their restaurant in Italy and has to help defend them against brutal gangsters…Read More

  • 4 November 2016 – 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Back to 1942

Yi jiu si er

Directed by: Feng Xiao-gang

A deadly drought in 1942 takes its toll on central China’s Henan province during the war against Japan…Read More

  • 5 November 2016 – 4:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Still Life

Sanxia haoren

Directed by: Jia Zhang-ke

A town in Fengjie county is gradually being demolished and flooded to make way for the Three Gorges Dam. A man and woman visit the town to locate their estranged spouses, and become witness to the societal changes…Read More

  • 5 November 2016 – 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Coming Home

Gui lai

Directed by: Yimou Zhang

Devoted couple Lu and Feng are forced to separate when Lu is arrested and sent to a labour camp as a political prisoner during the Cultural Revolution. He finally returns home only to find that his beloved wife no longer remembers him…Read More

  • 6 November 2016 – 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Police Story

Ging chat goo si

Directed by: Jackie Chan and Chi-Hwa Chen

A virtuous Hong Kong police officer must clear his name when the drug lords he is after frame him for the murder of a dirty cop…Read More

  • 7 November 2016 – 7:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

A Simple Life

Tao Jie

Directed by: Ann Hui

After suffering a stroke, an altruistic maid announces that she wants to quit her job and move into an old people’s home…Read More

A Symphony of Films

Cinema is primarily considered to be a visual experience, but while of course we see film with our eyes, we experience it just as much with our ears. Music can serve cinema in a myriad of ways, enhancing a film’s emotional impact and storytelling process. This is why many great filmmakers rely on composers to create scores to complement their films.

DFI Cinema is proud to invite you to celebrate some of the works of great film composers who have collaborated with remarkable filmmakers from all over the world.

  • 22 September 2016 – 7:30 PM, Katara Opera House

Film With Orchestra – Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

F.W. Murnau’s classic silent version of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ is presented with live accompaniment by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

To purchase tickets please visit the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra website.

  • 22 September 2016 – 9:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre


Directed by: Nadine Labaki

Nadine Labaki’s internationally acclaimed debut feature, ‘Caramel’ was instantly hailed on its release for depicting a contemporary Beirut that had seldom been seen on the big screen …Read More

  • 23 September 2016 – 4:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

North by Northwest

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

To follow up his dark and brooding ‘Vertigo’ (1958), Alfred Hitchcock delivered the rather more lighthearted ‘North by Northwest’, a romantic thriller centred on a case of mistaken identity. Read More

  • 23 September 2016 – 8:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Landscape in the Mist

Directed by: Theodoros Angelopoulos

Young Voula and her five-year-old brother Alexandros board a train from Athens bound for Germany, in search of their father, whom they have never met. Over the course of this coming-of-age road trip through Greece, the two determined youngsters will learn several of life’s lessons… Read More

  • 24 September 2016 – 2:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Composer Patrick Doyle will be in attendance at the screening.

Brave (3D)

Directed by: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman

Princess Merida of the Scottish clan of Penbroch has always been very close to her parents, but lately her mother, Queen Elinor, is getting on her nerves, what with always nagging about how princesses should – and most certainly should not ¬– conduct themselves. Read More

  • 24 September 2016 – 5:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Free: please reserve a ticket for admission

The Art of Music in Films – Master Class with Patrick Doyle

“I feel that music on the screen can seek out and intensify the inner thoughts of the characters. It can invest a scene with terror, grandeur, gaiety or misery. It can propel narrative swiftly forward, or slow it down. It often lifts mere dialogue into the realm of poetry. Finally, it is the communicating link between the screen and the audience, reaching out and enveloping all into one single experience.” – Bernard Herrmann…Read More

  • 24 September 2016 – 8:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre


Directed by: Akira Kurosawa

In a decades-long career marked by a series of celebrated epic films, ‘Ran’ is generally considered to be director Akira Kurosawa’s crowning achievement – indeed, when asked to name his own best film, or so the story goes, Kurosawa’s response was invariably “my next one” – until, that is, he had made ‘Ran’. Read More

  • 25 September 2016 – 8:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Directed by: Sergio Leone

The Western was a genre in decline when Sergio Leone came along and gave it a shot of adrenaline in the mid-60s. In a few short years, the director singlehandedly established the Spaghetti Western, made several of the most highly regarded Western films in the history of cinema, and launched the film career of Hollywood superstar Clint Eastwood. Read More

  • 26 September 2016 – 7:30 PM, Katara Opera House

Patrick Doyle: A Symphony of Films Concert


DFI proudly invites you to celebrate one of the greatest contemporary film composers, with a concert from award-winning composer Patrick Doyle, who has mesmerised audiences with his soundtracks for films including ‘Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire’, ‘Thor’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Carlito’s Way’, among many others. The concert will also highlight great compositions from Doyle’s career and celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, showcasing Doyle’s long-time collaboration on films based on the works of the Bard with filmmaker Kenneth Branagh, including ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Henry V’ and ‘As You Like It’.

Read More

Masters of Illusion

Illusions may occur with any of the human senses, but visual illusions are the best-known and understood. Unlike a hallucination, which is a distortion that occurs in the absence of stimulus, an illusion is the result of a misinterpretation of a real stimulus. Reliant as it is on tricking the senses, cinema itself is a very complex visual illusion. Our Masters of Illusion series explores what happens when great filmmakers dive into the art of deception to take audiences for a ride along the full spectrum of very real emotions.

  • 1 June, 2016 – 9:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

The Prestige

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Late in the 19th century, the friendly rivalry between stage magicians Robert Angier and Alfred Borden becomes a vengeful battle when a trick goes wrong, with tragic results. Read More

  • 2 June, 2016 – 9:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre


Directed by: Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘Mirror’, generally considered one of cinema’s masterworks, is an ethereal pastiche of significant moments in the life of a dying poet. The film jumps among three discrete time periods, when Alexei, the film’s narrator (although perhaps a more appropriate term here is ‘central consciousness’), is a child in the mid-1930s… Read More

  • 3 June, 2016 2:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Free: first-come, first-served

Masters of Illusion, Masters of Worlds – Master Class with Teresa Cavina

When we buy a ticket for a film, we do something very important: we make a pact with the filmmaker. On our side, we accept to enter the world they create for us, not questioning its rules, and granting, as Samuel Taylor Coleridge described it, “that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment which constitutes poetic faith.” In return, we expect the director to uphold their end of the contract by creating a consistent world that, for the length of the film, will be one we inhabit and believe in.

The object of this lecture will be to find out how such great filmmakers as Federico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock, Christopher Nolan and Andrei Tarkovsky, among others, built their film universes – and to discover the pearls they have hidden inside them. Read More

  • 3 June, 2016 – 5:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Pan’s Labyrinth

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

In 1944, five years after the end of civil war in Spain, young Ofelia travels with her mother to the home of her new stepfather, the cruel and cold-blooded Captain Vidal, who is engaged in an ongoing battle with local rebels who are opposed to the regime of General Franco. Read More

  • 3 June, 2016 – 9:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

The Matrix

Directed by: The Wachowski Brothers

Installed with particularly well-developed artificial intelligence, the machines rose up against their makers and won the battle for control of the world. Now, human beings are grown in labs and spend their lives been drained of their energy. Read More

  • 4 June, 2016 – 2:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Alice in Wonderland

Directed by: Tim Burton

FREE – Please reserve a ticket for admission

In this film inspired by Lewis Carroll’s much-beloved ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and its companion piece, ‘Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There’, Alice is 19 and unwittingly arrives at her own engagement party.  Read More

  • 4 June, 2016 – 5:30 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

The Mummy/ The Night of Counting the Years

Directed by: Shadi Abdel Salam

When ancient pharaonic artifacts are found for sale on the black market late in the 19th century, Egyptian authorities jump into action, determined to prevent further tomb-raiding and preserve the relics of antiquity. Read More

  • 4 June, 2016 – 9:00 PM, Katara Drama Theatre

Directed by: Federico Fellini

Filmmaker Guido Anselmi is meant to go into production with his next project – an elaborate science-fiction feature – shortly, but he is suffering from director’s block as a result of intense pressure and issues with his health and marriage. Read More

Fashion in Film: Costume as Character

  • 20 April, 2016 – 5:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Le Samouraï

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Melville

In ‘Le Samouraï’, Jef Costello (a wonderfully expressionless Alain Delon) is a cool contract killer who gets himself into in a bind when he is caught at the scene of his latest hit. Read More

  • 20 April, 2016 – 8:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

The Age of Innocence

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

While Europe lurches toward decadence, the upper-class society of late 19th-century New York is bound up in codes and conventions that rival those of the court of Louis XVIRead More

  • 21 April, 2016 – 5:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Funny Face

Directed by: Stanley Donen

Perhaps best-loved for showcasing Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn’s jovial on-screen presence, classic beauty and wonderful sense of comic timing, ‘Funny Face’ is a light-hearted musical take on the clash between capitalist consumerism and the counterculture of the late 1950s. Read More

  • 21 April, 2016 – 8:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

3000 Nights

Directed by: Mai Masri

Falsely accused of being involved in terrorist activity, Layal is arrested, interrogated and incarcerated in an Israeli jail. As she becomes accustomed to being surrounded by hardened Israeli criminals and Palestinian political prisoners, all to the tune of the torment visited by cruel guards and a nearly sadistic warden, Layal discovers she is pregnant. Read More

  • 22 April, 2016 – 2:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Free: first-come, first-served

Costume in Cinema – Master Class with Stella Bruzzi

At the start of the definitive modern gangster film ‘Goodfellas’, an adult Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) famously reminds himself, ‘As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. For me, being a gangster was better than being President of the United States’. But how does Martin Scorsese, the film’s director, evoke the allure of the 1950s New York gangster? Why, through a classic pan up from a pair highly polished shoes to a colourful bespoke suit, before picking out a chunky hand adorned with a gold ring and bracelet. Costume is a classic tool for drawing character and narrative, of mapping the intricacies of class, context or identity. In this master class,

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