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DTFF 2012 – Day 8 and A Look Back

Nov 25, 2012

للترجمة العربية اضغط على

Day 8 Highlights and A Look Back

اليوم الثامن ونظرة عامة على فعاليات المهرجان

DTFF is over for another year. We’re all tired and proud and a little bit sad that it’s all done – the end of a festival is like the end of summer camp, because you have to say goodbye to friends old and new. (Let’s look on the bright side though – maybe now the zombie attacks will finally end.)

It really was an amazing edition. Based in three iconic Doha locations, the Festival really took over the whole city. So exciting to see so much of the community engaged in some of the best filmmaking the world has to offer. That old saying ‘you can’t have it all’ just didn’t apply. Regional politics, forgotten histories, the secret lives of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, why we need bees, why we don’t need fame, happy painted faces, tennis, surfing, running, talking to tanks, talking to trees, Hend Sabry, phoning home, driving fast, fighting the power, solar power, Robert De Niro, falling in love, falling in love again, families falling apart, families coming together, East meets West, West meets East, Yosra, building rockets, making art, crossing the ocean, crossing the sea, old folks, new tricks, making kites, a strict headmistress and a whole lot of psycho-killers.

We learned a lot, we laughed a lot. We hope you’re looking forward to DTFF 2013 as much as we are.

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